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Prenatal yoga

The prenatal yoga course helps you to connect with body and mind. In a gentle way you will go a lot more inwards to connect with your inner 'self' and not to forget to connect with your baby. To connect with your little one as much as possible, can be such a sacred time together. The course will prepare you for birth and it will also prepare you for the time when you baby is born. Next to that the classes will slow you down, invite you to take a step back and observe. Through yoga practices, breathing techniques, meditations and more you will practice and find more harmony with your inner 'self'. You can start prenatal yoga at any time during your pregnancy. It might be nice to sart anywhere in between the 20th and the 30th weeks, so you will have enough time to prepare.

There is the option to follow a live prenatal yoga course in Studio Balance in Amsterdam, where you prepare for birth in a 5-week session with an extra partner workshop. Where we will go through all the phases of birth and to learn you how you (and your birth partner) can prepare for birth and the time after.

Next to that, there is the option to follow an online prenatal yoga course. Where you can follow the classes, meditations, breathing techniques in your own pace and own time, in the comfort of your own home. 

If you are curious to the style and rhythm of the classes try out this free prenatal class. Please contact me through my website or Instagram if you have any further questions.

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