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Online programs

The online programs provide various techniques and skills for you to create a deeper connection with yourself and your baby. Within the prenatal yoga program you will have extra time for yourself and your baby to be in stillness and observe. In which you, as well, prepare for birth and the time after. Yoga can help you on various levels. 

Within the baby massage program you will learn techniques to massage your baby, for them to relax and find more trust and security. Things they definitely need in their further lives. 

Underneath is shown what is included in both programs.

Choose your program

  • Online prenatal yoga

    Online prenatal yoga - Soft & gentle yoga course to connect
    Valid for 9 months
    • 20 yoga classes
    • 11 meditations
    • 6 breathing techniques
    • 5 relaxations - included 1 with partner
    • 3 visualizations
    • 6 massage techniques - with & without partner
    • Chair yoga for the legs
    • Exercises for the postnatal bed
    • Tips & more
  • Online baby massage

    Shantala baby massage program
    Valid for 6 months
    • Introduction and explanations
    • Meditation before you start
    • Basic Shantala baby massage techniques
    • Techniques for intestinal cramps
    • (also for babies younger then 8 weeks)
    • Techniques for when they have a cold
    • Techniques for when they are teething
    • Techniques for overstretching
    • Techniques for predisposition
    • Yoga Nidra with baby
    • Extra meditations
  • Yoga & Baby massage

    Online prenatal yoga & baby massage
    Valid for 15 months
    • Online prenatal yoga program;
    • 20 classes, 11 meditations, 6 breathing techniques,
    • 5 relaxations (incl. 1 with partner) 3 visualizations,
    • 6 massage techniques (with&without partner), chair yoga,
    • exercises for the postnatal bed, tips & more
    • Online baby massage program;
    • Introduction & explanation, meditation,
    • basic Shantala baby massage techniques, techniques for
    • intestinal cramps (also for babies <8 weeks), techniques
    • for when they have a cold, when they are teething,
    • for overstretching, for predisposition,
    • Yoga Nidra with baby, extra meditations
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