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Care for your mama heart


"Finding focus and tranquility in the mind to connect with yourself and your little one

 Mana-Ma Yoga

Mana-ma yoga provides online yoga and live sessions for mama’s and baby's. The online and live events are there to help you as a mother to find more relaxation and focus in your daily life. So that you create time and space for yourself. In order to feel carried and full of energy to be a flexibel and mindful parent. But also, to have a better connection with your baby, so that they can feel safe and secure as well.

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Being a mama

Being pregnant can be a very spiritual process. Most of the time it can be an intense period to become a (new) mother and to shift your focus from yourself to your baby. It is a sacred time where it would be nice to connect with your inner ‘self’. Once a baby is born a mama is born as well – a very intense and beautiful time. In where it is ever so important to have sacred me-time. Most of the time you need to adapt and manage your time differently, as well as becoming more aware of your own needs. A happy mama, also means a happy baby.


During my own pregnancies I had a more pressing urge to connect with my inner-self and the little ones inside me. Becoming a mama can be a very intense time, because there are so many changes. That is why I hope that everyone makes time to take good care of themselves. To create a personal space to find some moments of reflection and silence. So that you as a mama can connect on a deeper level with your little one.

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Online & Community

I want us to become an online community for support and guidance. During the practice I invite you into my home and guide you through your practice in the comfort of your own home. There are also options to connect in real life, therefore I invite you to check out my schedule in different yoga studios in Amsterdam. My website and  Instagram serve as an extension of me, therefore feel free to contact me through either platform.

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Online prenatal yoga

Normally €99,- now just €69,-

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"We care for your mama heart - As a mama you will become more aware of the inner 'self' and find more peace of mind from where you can connect with your children." 

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About Ike


When I started yoga I was not aware of things inside myself. I was always focused on the outside. I had an eating disorder in my twenties. When I started to solve my problems, yoga helped me to gain confidence, to be proud and to feel what is going on inside, and not to forget to protect my own boundaries. I cannot be more thankful to the yoga practice, yoga litarelly saved my life. From a very insecure and self-neglecting girl, I grew up to a mature, self-known and more confident woman.  Yoga still helps me everyday to stay connected and to be this woman. 

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